The story behind it all!

The creation of the Borderland500 stems from a desire to address perceived shortcomings in other cycling events and provide a more fulfilling and rewarding experience for all.  My aim is to go beyond the standard format of Audax events and Ultra races and offer a truly unique and memorable journey, not just for the people doing the routes but also friends and family that want to follow them on their journey’s.

The aim to bridge the gap between leisurely sportive’s and 1000 Mile Ultra’s was key.
The whole idea around the staggered start times. Our aim is to group similar paced riders together and set them off at a pre determined time. This has multiple benefits, smaller groups setting out which means less hold ups for other road users. It will give everyone the chance to interact with fellow cyclists, and the main reason is to create a bigger group at the finish line.
Another aspect of the Borderland500 is its focus on providing a more personalised and memorable experience for each competitor. I wanted to move away from the impersonal nature of some events and create a sense of connection with each rider. Not only just saying a quick hello or a wave of the hand as you pass each other or a five minute chat before everyone goes their separate ways at the finish. But actually being able to sit down afterwards and chat about the course or specific parts of it.

By incorporating unique elements and providing a more hands-on approach, the Borderland500 aims to create a lasting impression on each participant. 

The disappointment at the finish line of past events has served as a driving force behind the creation of the Borderland500. I believe that there is a gap in the current ultra-cycling landscape, and am committed to filling that void by providing an event that leaves riders feeling fulfilled, satisfied, and eager to return for more.

In essence, the Borderland500 is a passion for cycling and a desire to create an event that truly exceeds expectations.

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