One giant leap!

Ultra endurance cycling. It was a world away from me only two years ago. I had done a couple of long weekends away in the Lakes(Lake District) and a handful of 100 mile rides, but the thought of entering an Ultra race was something completely different! I had seen something on social media about an event that was 1000 Miles plus and it got me intrigued. A quick search and I found Dot watcher! Dot watcher just seemed to plant the seed. I couldn’t stop looking to see how far the leader and the rest of the competitors had travelled. It was addictive! That race finished and I felt the need to give something like that a go. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so I decide to sign up for the Pan Celtic in 2022. That was my first taste of entering the unknown.      

What is Ultra cycling?

Any bike ride covering 125 miles (201km) its as simple as that! Ultra-distance cycling is a challenging and rewarding sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. With careful training, preparation, and execution, you can achieve amazing things on the bike. Many people enter ultra events for different reasons. Some are at the top of their game and are setting new boundaries, others take a more laid back (Sensible) approach and take time to savour the vast array of scenery on offer. Most Ultra distance involves multiple days, so a night or two out and about. That means some sort of sleep is needed!   Sleeping arrangements very, the option to use Airbnb’s is very popular since smart phones have been around making booking them on route so much easier. The luxury of hot water and electricity isn’t something to be sniffed at.  Some people choose to have a home from home strapped to their trusty steed! Meaning they can stop and rest when the time is right and set up camp. One other option is to go some where in the middle. Take the bare essential’s needed to get an hour or twos rest in a bus shelter, hedge row or public toilet they can find along the route! A Checkpoint or two on course would usually be included in ultra racing or Audax events. These make the format fun and unique. These can offer a place to rest and somewhere to get a warm drink and charge any essentials. Ultra distance will make you think more about what you have conquered and make you see just how strong you really are!!                                                     

Entering your first long distance event is daunting. Going from trying to find 5-8 hours a week on the saddle to some how cycling day and night was scary! I did my research as best I could and came out on top in my personal battle that week. But it wasn’t straight forward. 

Ultra distance seems to have flicked a switch in me. It has something special. Its exhilarating not only during the event, but weeks after when you come to terms with how far you actually travelled on a bike! Family and friends just seem to say ‘Your crazy!’ or have to ask ‘Why would you do that?’  We all know the enjoyment riding a bike brings, and Ultra distance stuff is no different. Yes it may take a little longer and the bags under your eyes are much larger! But it is still… Just a bike ride!         

My aim is to help make that leap from weekend warrior to Ultra cyclist a bit more accessible and stress free.  

 I will be sharing videos and blogs giving you more information, not only about the big things such as training strategies, but also the over looked things like water bottle size! 

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