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What makes Borderland500?

Warm showers & Cold beer!


Borderland500 is designed to be an ice breaker into the world of multiday cycling adventures.

The plan from the very start was to organise an ultra cycling event that would help and encourage riders of all abilities and confidence. Enabling them to take that next pedal stroke on their path to longer more rewarding rides culminating in a group celebration of everyone’s achievements at the finish line.

The staggered start times means riders get that well deserved big finish buzz when they cross the finish line. And the option of one to one personal advice or organised group rides prior to the event itself are just a few things that make Borderland500 unique.

The idea is to create a group finish on the Saturday evening by setting riders off at times to suit their race strategy and sleeping arrangements. This has already got people excited as it means they can enjoy the celebrations and have Sunday to recover!

Each route will have checkpoints along the way located at various bike shops. Not only will you be able to restock on food and drink but also any spare parts you may need. The bike shop staff will also be on standby to help with any mechanical issues. The Final checkpoint that all riders on each route will reach will be a safe haven for tired legs. This will be a manned checkpoint for the final 24 hours; with cooking facilities and a chance to grab some much needed rest before the final stretch back home.

When you finally reach HQ, warm showers and a cold beer will be waiting for you! With pre ordered pizzas in the pizza oven, the finish area will be a welcome sanctuary to relax and recover. There will also be a chance to grab a sports massage at the finish, sounds appealing doesn’t it! Socialise with friends, family and the rest of the Borderland500 team and make it an event to remember!

Before the big day arrives is also a reason to Signup with Borderland500.

Riders Portal with training and discounts!

With the training area in the riders portal now live, this is a big advantage to those wanting to get a good base fitness and use it along side their normal rides each week. It has the option to select how you go about your training, either with power meter, heart rate monitor or just by feel. Simply select what you use and the desired number of sessions you want each week and you are ready to hit the road.

Working alongside Mule cycles, we are offering a bike health check prior to the event. Make sure your trusty stead is up to the job before setting off. This is covered in the sign up cost, all you need to do is arrange a date and time directly with Mule and take it from there. With a range of quality brands and partners on board to provide their help and support along the way, we are able to offer amazing discounts on their products to all riders once signed up. These offers are in the shop/discount area in the rider portal.

All the routes have been ridden by ourselves and will also be checked by us again much closer to September. Making sure nothing drastic has changed before the start date.

The BL500 really is going to be something to put on the calendar year after year. 

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